Lapgrade Battery For Acer AS 3820


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Model No: AL10B31


Lapgrade battery manufactured by seasoned staffs that are familiar with the battery industry and has a passion for innovating, developing and bringing next generation products and technologies to the market. High quality Chipset technology protects the motherboard and battery from short circuit. Over Voltage protection feature Protect the charging laptop ROM getting high voltage Over Current protection feature Protect the charging device from getting high current Thick Color box packing & anti-static packing of battery ensures safety of product. Unique Serial numbers on every Charger / box

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  • Battery voltage: 11.1 volts Number of Lithium Ion Cells: 6
  • Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Compatible Battery Part Numbers: AK. 006bt. 082. Bt. 00603. 110 as01b41 as10b31 as10b3e as10b41 as10b51 as10b5e as10b61 as10b6e as10b71 as10b73 as10b75 as10b7e as10e7e bt. 00604. 048 bt. 00605. 061 bt. 00605. 063 bt. 00606. 007 bt. 00606. 009 bt. 00606. 010 bt. 00607. 122 bt. 00607. 123 bt. 00607. 124 bt. 00607. 128 bt. 00607. 129 lc. Btp01. 029
  • Compatible Laptop Models: Acer Timelinex series : 4820 4820T 4820TG 5820 5820T 5820TG AS4820T-6645 AS4820T-7633 AS4820TG-334G32Mn AS4820TG-334G50Mn AS4820TG-374G50Mn AS4820TG-374G50Mnks AS4820TG-482G64Mnss AS4820TG-5462G64Mnss03 AS4820TG-5464G75Mnks AS4820TG-5564G75Mnss AS4820TG-644G16Mnks AS4820TG-6847 AS4820TG-7566 AS4820TG-7805 AS5820T-6401 AS5820T-6825 AS5820T-7683 AS5820TG-374G50Mn AS5820TG-374G50Mnks AS5820TG-482G64Mnss AS5820TG-5462G64Mnss AS5820TG-5464G75Mnks 3820 3820T 3820T-3051 3820T-334G32n 3820T-334G50n 3820T-5246 3820T-5851 3820T-N52B 3820TG 3820TG-332G50na 3820TG-334G32Mn 3820TG-334G50n 3820TG-352G50n 3820TG-352G50nc(silver) 3820TG-372G50nss01 3820TG-382G50nss04 3820TG-432G50n 3820TG-432G50nd(silver) 3820TG-434G64n 3820TG-482G64nss05 3820TG-5452G50nsse 3820TG-5462G64nss03 3820TG-7360 3820TZ AS3820T-374G32nks AS3820T-374G50nks AS3820T-6480 AS3820TG-374G32n AS3820TG-374G32nks
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