Lenovo M110 USB Optical Mouse (Black)

  • Lenovo USB Mouse M110 is ergonomically designed with a high resolution
  • Sleek mouse with optical technology has a polished scroll wheel that will undoubtedly help you work at a faster speed and at the same time in a more comfortable pace
  • Light-weight yet sturdy Lenovo USB Mouse M110 is guaranteed to survive at least million taps and innumerable number of scrolls
  • User-friendly mouse supports interface of 2.0 USB


Lenovo M110 USB Optical Mouse (Black)

USB Mouse, Enhanced Productivity

Are you looking for USB mouse which can ease off your browsing experience and enhance your productivity? Then you must go ahead and purchase Lenovo USB Optical Mouse M110. It is a sturdy mouse, which is ergonomically designed and has high resolution. The optical technology, sleek design and polished scroll wheel helps you work at a quicker pace, without compromising with your comfort level. Overall, the feature-packed mouse is a complete value for your money

Additional Features
If you are planning to buy Lenovo USB Optical USB mouse, you can be rest assured about is durability. The mouse is designed to survive infinite number of scrolls and more than million taps. As a result, you can work with more consistency and experience a lag-free performance. The user-friendly mouse is designed with USB 2.0 interface and has simple plug and play functionality. Thus, you can surely trust upon this wired optical mouse M110 to simplify your computing experience.

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